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The Community of Omala is lying almost in the centre of the island, on the roots of Roudi –the mountain with the abundant fir regeneration- and of the National Forest of the impervious to the sun’s rays Aenos. Fragata and Valsamata are the main villages. The most of their inhabitants are grape-growers -because all the territory is in the V.Q.P.R.D. zone of Robola- and cultivate vineyards with restricted yields per hectare. Don’t forget to visit the sales room and the production and vinification place to taste the excellent Robola.

In the evergreen valley of Omala dominates the Convent of the Patron Saint of the island, Saint Gerasimos, whose memory is honoured on August 16th and October 20th with litanies and public participation. His life was a pattern of all virtues and holiness and was connected to many admirable works. His holly relic is kept in the old church of the convent where there is also His underground Skete. This convent is very old -it dates back to the 16th c.- and is built on the roots of Mt. Aenos -or Monte Nero-, the highest mountain of the Ionian Region (1626 m). Try to go uphill to its peak where there exist many indigenous kinds of the Kefallonian flora. Stroll into the forest of the unique black fir, the well-known Abies Cefallonica. It is worthwhile trying the experience and the view is breathtaking. In its high peak, Megas Soros, it was erected the sanctuary of Aenios Zeus and the fact that Homer used to call the oars in the boat of Ulysses “elati” (e.g. fir-trunk) is not of less importance. Fir-forestry Aenos in conjunction with the sea and the restless mind of the Kefallonians were the reasons that lead the islanders to the four corners of the earth.

Evridiki Livada